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About us

Broadband with a story.

WombatNET isn’t your typical telco. Founded by Alex Stewart at just 14 years old, we were built on the philosophy that high-speed internet should be accessible to everyone, even those in rural communities that other telcos overlook. Today, we remain dedicated to providing reliable and affordable high-speed internet to customers, no matter where they live.

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Building local connections since 2019 | Real people, here for you. 

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We don’t believe in data caps. Rest easy knowing you can work, stream and play anytime.

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Experience award-winning internet service and exceptional customer support with WombatNET.


From Moa Point to Ōtaki, and everywhere in between. We have plans to suit everyone.

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WombatWireless™ X

Our flagship wireless broadband product. Offering multiple plans to suit every need. Only available in select areas.




WombatWireless™ 4G+

A premium, locally supported 4G wireless broadband service. Delivered via One NZ’s world-class network, offering coverage region-wide.




WombatOptic™ (Fibre)

The ultimate internet experience. Offering speeds of up to 8Gb/s delivered via the Chorus Network, our Fibre plans mean serious business.




Wellington’s Trusted Internet Provider

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As soon as we had the chance to change providers we jumped at it.

Our previous internet service was mediocre at best with continual outages and temperamental service. WombatNET have been FANTASTIC! The personalised service meant that we were kept in direct communication and once install was complete we have had great coverage.

While others in our community were complaining about no internet over the long weekend we were streaming up a storm. Highly highly recommend.

Customer Since 2020
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WombatWireless™ X is our flagship wireless broadband product which is delivered via our own network of private transmitters. Because we only build transmitters in isolated and disconnected areas, coverage is limited. Because we operate the network over which this service is delivered, we take greater care to ensure that connections are optimised for speed and performance.

WombatWireless™ 4G+ is a premium 4G wireless broadband service that is delivered via One NZ’s expansive cellphone network. Coverage is available in most locations including anywhere where there is 4G coverage.

If you are far away from the 4G tower you may require an external antenna priced from $99.

All WombatWireless™X connections must have a small iPad-sized dish installed on the exterior of your property to create a private wireless link back to the nearest transmitter. A cable is run from the dish to your preferred location inside the home, where it plugs into your WombatNET Wi-Fi router.

The WombatWireless™ 4G+ connection process is dependant on 4G reception/signal levels inside your home. If you are in a location with good 4G coverage, you can simply plug in your WombatNET router and be good to go!

If coverage is limited at your property, there are a number of external antenna options available, and we will recommend the best one to suit your needs. This may involve the installation of a directional antenna on the outside of your property.

In simple terms, Wireless Broadband works by transmitting a radio signal from a nearby tower to a receiver either mounted on, or placed inside your home or business.

We utilise two different network types for our Wireless Broadband Products;

Depending on your location, you may be able to access services through our private network of transmitters (towers) that we continue to build throughout the region. These towers are normally built on hilltops and act as a ‘wireless bridge’ to transmit a signal from a fibre source to your home and vice versa.

The other network type that we utilise uses One NZ’s network of Cellphone Towers. This lets you access the internet in the same way that you can on a mobile phone when using data.

Where possible, we prefer to connect customers to our own private transmitter network as it has been designed specifically for Wireless Broadband products, and as such, allows for a more reliable and speedy internet experience.

Although there are sometimes factors that may delay your connection setup, we aim to have most clients connected within 14 days of initial contact.

Depending on the type of connection, these factors may affect how soon we can get you connected:

  • Low or no coverage
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Installer or equipment availability

We believe that contracts represent our commitment to you. They ensure that we are able to provide the highest level of support to you, and also allow us to reduce other costs to you. 

If you move during your contract period, we’ll do our best to sort out a connection at your new place, and your contract will continue.

You can freely move between different wireless plans at any time.

If you have issues that prevent you from using your connection that we are unable to resolve within a reasonable period of time, we will release you from your contract with us.

We take pride in our local and efficient support.

General queries can be submitted via email ([email protected]), Freephone (0800 424 281) or as a ticket via the client portal.

We want you to be fully informed when purchasing services from us, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.